About Us

Spidertrax has been dedicated to finding unique solutions to issues faced by off-road enthusiasts just like you, and just like them. Spidertrax was started in 1999 by Thomas Kingston and Eddie Casanueva at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Shortly after Thomas graduated as a Mechanical Engineer, they moved their fledging operation to Colorado where Spidertrax has been developing and manufacturing parts ever since.

Rather than just making a product thicker and heavier, Spidertrax focuses on the cause of a failure, finding a way to make a better product with minimal compromises. Heat treating, larger diameter axle tubes without increasing tubing thickness, and keyed steering arms are just a few innovations that Spidertrax has applied to their Spider 9 product line. The results speak for themselves, as Spidertrax axles have dominated King of the Hammers with more victories than any other drivetrain company.

Far more than just providing products, Spidertrax has a relationship with top drivers in a variety of off-road disciplines that allow them to constantly innovate. We believe that listening to our customers and being completely open-minded to the feedback we get is the best path to a well-engineered product. It’s easy to lose sight of what the term “engineering” really means. Simply designing something, on paper or in CAD, is not engineering. Designing with the intent to solve a real-world problem is. That approach has led to the development of unique products like Spidertrax’s fabricated steering knuckles that are not only lighter than traditional knuckles, they are capable of providing up to 50 degrees of steering for unmatched maneuverability. Simply making the same product that you can find from another supplier in anathema to the thinking at Spidertrax.

Spidertrax is perhaps best known for introducing the industry’s first wheel and hub centric wheel spacers and wheel adapters. Today these wheel spacers are among their most popular products, and you can find the iconic blue spacers on vehicles from the Rubicon to the Rockies, and beyond. The wheel spacers illustrate what is possible when nothing is taken for granted, coming professionally packaged with details all the way down to a single-use vial of thread locking compound.

Spidertrax prides itself on manufacturing products in-house in their Colorado facility, which allows them to provide the best quality control processes in the industry. This is a business with old fashioned values, where a handshake and a promise still mean something. At Spidertrax, it is of utmost importance that while being big enough to manufacture products as complex as our own unit bearings, but all the while remaining small enough to provide personal service to each and every customer.