Spidertrax Authorized Wholesaler Program

Due to an unprecedented increase in volume, we are unable to accept new Wholesalers at this time.

$40,000 Yearly Quota / $20,000 Buy-In

The Spidertrax Authorized Wholesaler Program is designed for larger distribution centers that specialize in inventorying products for sales to both end users and off-road shops. Advantages of the Spidertrax Authorized Wholesaler Program include:

• The steepest discount level on Spidertrax branded products.
• Free shipping (48 Contiguous States) per order of $3000 or more (excludes Spider 9 product line).
• Drop shipping available with no "drop ship" fees.
• Online access to ordering, live inventory, and Wholesaler pricing.
• Access to online and phone technical support.

To apply for the Authorized Wholesaler Program the following information will need to be submitted either online or by fax @ (720) 294-9950:

• Valid business license with the name of the business that is applying for Wholesaler status.
• Full contact info including ship to/bill to information.
• Website address.
• A description of your business.

The following Terms & Conditions apply for all Spidertrax Authorized Wholesalers:

• Payment terms are "due on receipt" (all major credit cards are accepted) on the first order. After which, a request for open payment terms may be made. Open payment terms are reviewed and approved on a case by case basis.
• Orders must be submitted by method of online, e-mail, or fax. Phone orders are not accepted.
• If sales activity falls below the required yearly quota, the Authorized Wholesaler account may be considered ineligible and inactive. Accounts will be reviewed on an annual basis or sooner if deemed necessary.
• Spidertrax reserves the right to limit the total number of Authorized Wholesalers.