Spidertrax 2012 W.E.Rock Contingency Program

For 2012, Spidertrax has implemented a contingency program that offers cash rewards for drivers competing in W.E.ROCK Western Series, Eastern Series, Regional Series, and Dirt Riot Endurance Racing events. To be eligible for this program, both the sanctioned event and competition vehicle must meet ALL of the following requirements:

• A minimum of 10 participants are required in vehicle's class.
• Vehicle must be equipped with at least one Spidertrax branded product.
• Two Spidertrax decals (12", 18" or 24" long) are required to be visible on vehicle, with one decal located on vehicle's passenger side & one decal located on vehicle's driver side. All decals must be supplied by Spidertrax.

Cash rewards are dependent on what size decals are chosen for the competition vehicle & are awarded based on the following schedule:

24" Decals

18" Decals

12" Decals

1st Place




2nd Place




3rd Place




To receive Spidertrax decals, contact the Spidertrax Sales Department using any of the methods provided on the "Contact Us" section of the Spidertrax Store (http://www.spidertrax.com/contactus). All requests for decals will be sent out within 1 business day from request and are shipped via UPS Ground. It is the participant's responsibility to contact Spidertrax for any decal(s) that are needed. Spidertrax will cover the cost of the decals and UPS Ground shipping charges.

To claim payment, contingency winners need to email Spidertrax's Contingency Department at contingency@spidertrax.com within 30 days of verified finish. This email must include the contingency winners name & address, event name & finish, and a picture(s) of competition vehicle from the event clearly showing the proper use of two Spidertrax decals. Cash pay outs will be mailed within 30 days of receipt of emailed claim.

Verification that competition vehicle is using Spidertrax branded products may be requested before contingency payment is awarded. This may be in the form of receipts, pictures, or visual inspection when possible.

All competition vehicles must conform to the rules of the sanctioning body. If for any reason the team or vehicle is disqualified from the race, contingencies will be disallowed. Spidertrax reserves the right to withhold contingency payment until any and all issues regarding the results have been satisfied by the judgment of Spidertrax.

Any deviation from the decal guidelines for any event may disqualify the participant from receiving contingency rewards. Drivers falsifying contingency claims will be automatically disqualified from all Spidertrax contingency programs and may be barred from any future Spidertrax contingency programs. It is up to the discretion of Spidertrax to deny request for contingency decals due to individuals that are deemed to not be a good representation to the sport.